Exit Options

Are you looking to leave your timeshare contract?

Has your ownership become more of a burden and a drain on resources than something to look forward to each year?

The majority of unhappy Timeshare owners have found that getting out of a Timeshare contract is nowhere near as easy as they thought (or were told) it may be and it is being made increasingly more difficult by most Timeshare companies.

The good news is if your Timeshare is no longer suited to your current financial or personal situation for whatever reason that maybe there are options out there for you.

The first port of call should always be to check directly with your resort. They may be able to offer a solution or let you know if there are any specific criteria attached, such as transfer fees and rules, or relinquishment options.

Your Exit Option

Hand back your ownership…..

Some resorts allow you to simply surrender your membership provided there are no outstanding maintenance fees. Check to see if there are any other costs involved and familiarise yourself with the details, such as rules for unused points and weeks.

Handing back your ownership is in effect cutting a case of cutting your loses and as such you must be prepared for the fact that you most likely will see no money in return for your original investment.

In theory, you could attempt to resell your ownership – There is a number of specially designed and dedicated Timeshare sales groups and forums as well as the likes of eBay and various other online sales platforms.

Be very wary of any buyer or organisation that shows an interest in your timeshare. Make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your decisions. DO NOT FORGET that you are still liable for financial and legal consequences if the Resale Company has not fulfilled their promises.

This is an area in which we advise extreme caution and recommend that you should take some independent advice. Be very careful to make sure there is no money changing hands without doing plenty of due diligence.

If you know that you own your timeshare in perpetuity or you purchased it in Spain after 1999, you will likely need legal help as fighting the perpetuity contract is an extremely specialised task and you need all the help you can to win this battle. If on the other hand, you bought your floating week(s) after 1999, you may be in luck, as the Spanish Supreme Court declared these contracts null and void.


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