New Year, is your Timeshare in your resolutions?

2020 was a washout, holidays, work, life, you name it, it was disrupted.

2021 is drawing to a close and for most, it has still been a year of gaps in normal service, furloughs, cancelled holidays, strange practices as normality slowly resumes…

One thing however that has not changed since reports starting coming out late in December 2019 of something happening in China is Timeshare Fees.  As sure as Christmas comes and the New Year marches on, the resorts will come a-knocking for their yearly maintenance fees.

Now is the time to consider do you, and your family still want the timeshare abroad?  Do you want to keep paying yearly maintenance fees that could be spent elsewhere in your life for the better?  If you are happy with your timeshare and still use it, so much the better as when they work, they are great.

However, if age, health, apathy or change of circumstances are creeping up on you, why not have a chat about your ownership and where you see it heading, in the next year or few years?  Will you keep going abroad yearly to the same destination?  Would you like to broaden your horizons and use the fees elsewhere?  Are you tired of traveling or not up to it any more after the start of the dreaded 20’s?  If you are not sure you want to keep using the timeshare you have but are not sure where to look to find out your options, look no further.

Send us a message or a mail, we will call you and just discuss your situation and what it means for your timeshare, if you do want to call it a day and say goodbye to it, we can help discuss your options and where you can go to start the new year on the right foot.

We offer free timeshare advice – no strings attached.

For no obligation advice on your timeshare leave your details below.

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