Mis-selling Claims

Find out whether you have grounds for a mis-selling claim

Whilst it has only been in the last couple of years that news of an ever-increasing number of successful claims are being made against a growing number of Resorts and Timeshare scheme operators – mis-selling has been rife since the laws changed in 1999 but were largely flaunted by arrogant Timeshare sales operations.

It is estimated that it is well into the 1000s of claims that were settled out of Court. All these settlements included confidentiality clauses attached to them to prevent news spreading to the wider Timeshare community.

However, since the high profile “Grimsbo vs Anfi SL” case in 2015, the floodgates have opened and the Spanish Courts, in particular, have been extremely busy, with an ever-increasing number of legal precedents being set and the legal tide turning firmly in favour of the consumer … AT LAST!!!

Mis-selling Claims

To find out whether you have grounds for a mis-selling claim and/or whether your Timeshare contract is simply illegal and can be declared Null and Void.

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