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A community created to air and share knowledge and experiences within the Timeshare and Holiday Club world.

Navigating the sometimes choppy seas that surround Timeshare & Holiday Club Ownership can be a very difficult task to undertake.

All the varying opinion and individual experiences that surround the industry can leave us unsure as to whether the purchase and commitment we have just made is the greatest thing we have ever done for our future holiday plans or the beginning of a downward spiral to financial ruin.

Timeshare Watchdog International is born from conversation, opinion and 3rd party stories that led us to want to create a forum for past, present and potential future owners to share their insight and understanding through genuine experience, WITH THE LATEST TIMESHARE NEWS

The hope is that between us we can find a clear path to our end goal. We can use positive participation – Where… what you were offered – Was what you received – offers help to people with an interest in getting newly involved.

We can highlight any negative outcomes or situations that may have perhaps left some us with ‘burnt fingers’ and point out any potential pitfalls to protect future investors from slipping down the same murky path.

We can try and help sift through the plethora of ‘scam companies’ and ‘fakers’ that are offering ‘potential’ exit from an existing ownership contract only to add further burden and upset to already financially and emotionally drained owners. By sharing recommendations and genuine personal experiences together we can find a safe path to complete and LEGAL timeshare termination.

Independent and unbiased Timeshare advice